Can you identify this object?
This is not a trick. It is a real object with a specific name. Think you know what it is? Comment on this blog post with your guess.

I will give you one hint. The camera has been zoomed on the object to produce a close up image.

Two years ago, my family and I flew to Philadelphia to visit my grandparents. Just a few months after that trip, my grandfather passed away. This was the first time my children had flown. While in the air, I was excited to show them what things looked like back on land from 7 miles up.

From that height, it is practically impossible to make out houses. Cars are mere specks, and things like diamonds, prized artwork and other valuables were completely unidentifiable.

As far as we know, outerspace is infinite. If houses are barely identifiable from 7 miles up, imagine what our belongings and most valuable possessions look like from space.

These are the things, or the lack thereof, which cause us grief, stress and strain. They also drive workaholism, greed and oppression of the poor. If they are absolutely unidentifiable from 7 miles up or from millions of miles away in space, then why are we driven by the pursuit of such things or by the lack of such things in our lives?

From our perspective, our most prized possessions are our lives. We are comfortable with our routines and feel safe in our homes. If you could have a perspective on our possessions or on the possessions we seek from millions of miles in space, we would find that the planet of Earth itself is a mere speck. We would see just how fragile, defenseless and vulnerable these possessions are.

The things in which we place so much significance are completely susceptible to loss that we cannot place any meaningful trust in them. Perhaps, then, there is something else which should be driving our lives.

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