Did you see the Born Loser comic strip in September 7th's newspaper?

Two men are riding in a golf cart on the golf course. “Stop – there's my ball,” said the passenger. “I guess my tee shot didn't go as far as I thought.”

“How far from the hole do you think I am,” asks the passenger. “I would say about one hundred seventy-five yards,” responds the driver.

“Do you think I can get there with my three iron,” the passenger naively inquired.

“Eventually, I suppose,” came the reply, after which the passenger has a look of disgust on his face.

We all would like to think we can manage our own financial situations with perfect accuracy each time an issue arises. But, in real life, just like on the goal course, there are rough patches and sand traps that seem to catch us by surprise, even when we do our best.

So, are you equipped for your next 175 yard play? Will your approach work as designed? Getting there “eventually” is not a good plan, especially if it involves spending time in the rough or in sand traps. Let a professional help you avoid the traps. Sand traps and golf course rough are frustrating. Financial cause more than frustration – they are often costly and cause stress and heartache.

Contact us today and let us help you reach the green with confidence.


10/07/2014 6:09am

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